Kids Hack

At-Home Hackathon for Elementary School Kids

It’s Never Too Early 

It is very important for young children to be exposed to STEM earlier in order to increase interest and gender equality in the field! 

Kids love to explore! Learning about how the world works and trying to find a way to solve some of the world's problems will get the kids moving and thinking!

Technology is our future. And so are the kids! Allowing the kids to be exposed to technology and coding - through Scratch - will help them learn valuable skills for their future!

Problem solving is integral into kids development and this hackathon will help them learn new skills that will be useful in situations to come!

Math is the basis for everything! Teaching the kids how to efficiently use logic will help them in their thinking and in their lives!

Event Highlights

The kids will be able to cycle through different STEM-related activities like Scratch, creating their own video games, problem-solving, and listening to leaders in STEM!